Press Kit

UDINì is an original entertainment format offering exclusive musical performances and DJ sets, recorded and streamed from Lino’s & Co. Udine studios. 

Conceived by BrodoStudio, the UDINì format is designed to enhance every aspect of live musical entertainment. Artistic direction, stage design, sound quality and location are the cornerstones.


It offers audiences quality content and a safe entertainment and social experience. The opportunity to discover new musical offerings and enjoy live performances with an international scope.

To artists it provides a space where they can perform, promote and return home with audio-video content of their work curated down to the smallest detail: live, video interview and backstage. 

To brands, it allows them to activate a path of sponsorship and content marketing by making themselves promoters of an exclusive show, thus being able to expand their audience and create a lasting bond between people, conveying their brand values through the universal ones of art and music.

UDINì is escapism from the everyday. A virtual space, a real experience.

Episodes will be available for streaming on social channels: Facebook (, youtube “Udinì Video Live Experience” and on the website.

Making of brand identity
Artwork by Irene Beltrame