the sleeping tree

Live @ BrodoStudio

 Udine 07.08.20


Giulio Frausin was born in Pordenone in 1986. Since 2005 on bass with Mellow Mood, he is among the editors of the La Tempesta Dub label, the upbeat arm of Italy’s most famous independent label of the same name.

When he is not treading the stages of the most important reggae festivals on the planet, he lends his voice to some of the best known dub producers on the scene such as Paolo Baldini Dubfiles, Moa Anbessa, Sista Habesha. In the (little) time he has left, he devotes himself to the acoustic folk of The Sleeping Tree, his singer-songwriter alter-ego, whose latest work ‘Painless’ was released in 2013.

Guitar in his arms, he has toured the peninsula bringing naked and vulnerable songs to the stage, which make their simplicity and emotionality a surprising strong point.




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