interview: FLOWER BURGER

Matteo Toto, owner of Flower Burger, Milan’s first gourmet veganburgheria to the microphones of Udinì.


Udinì Live Experience and BrodoStudio present the exclusive interview with “Matteo Toto” Founder and owner of the “Flower Burger” brand, the first veganburgheria Gourmet in Milan.

“A flower in the mouth can serve you know, the more cheerful everything seems to be” sang Battisti and Mogol. And this is exactly the mission of Flower Burger, the first veganburger born in 2015 in the heart of Milan, which is continuously expanding both in Italy and abroad.

The flower as an expression of positivity, joy and love. A bond with nature that is declined in the shades of the rainbow with a 100% vegan culinary proposal: burgers whose fundamental characteristic is colour. 


The interview was recorded on the occasion of episode 2 of Udinì (Season 1) with guests Vanarin.


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