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udinì live experience

The format

Each episode of Udinì, created and curated by Brodo Studio, transports the viewer to exceptional locations, magical and unconventional places, such as production centres, factories, workshops, but also museums, parks and historical residences, which become theatres for the occasion, in which the best of contemporary music culture meets and talks to brand promoters.

new episode's premiere
a digital content, a real experience


Each episode is a unique show, premiered on our network. We choose each location carefully to enhance the musical performances and the personality of the brand promoters.

exclusive contents

Each concert is accompanied by a lot of extra content, such as interviews or backstage, which allow us to get to know the artists and brand managers better. To find out more, go to the interview and gallery sections!

limited artwork

Each show is accompanied by the production of original artwork, such as digital animations or limited edition letterpress prints, handmade in our studio!


Do you want to be part
of the show?

Are you the owner of a company, the manager of a brand or are you following a communication initiative for a campaign? Then you are in the right place! Write us an e-mail and discover the magic of Udinì and the BrodoStudio team.