the format

Udinì Live Experience is a musical entertainment format, created in 2021 by BrodoStudio, with the aim of creating connections between the world of music and art and brands. With Udinì every company can tell its story and convey its values, offering customers-spectators a unique entertainment opportunity. Each episode is a unique show, broadcast as a preview on our network. We carefully choose each location to enhance the musical performance and the personality of the brand promoter.


Udinì is a Phygital Experience: a unique and engaging show in which you can give your audience a memorable entertainment experience, both in the real and digital world!

Brand Awareness

Establish a longer lasting and deeper connection with your community! Enhance brand recognition through dedicated channels and placements.


Share the audience of other shows and extend the life cycle of the audiovisual product thanks to a digital framework that integrates with multiple channels.


Match individual content with a customised marketing strategy with dedicated KPIs and call-to-actions, such as time-based promotions and extra content.

#artistic view

Udinì is audiovisual content capable of interpreting and transmitting the energy of music; a series created to enhance every aspect of the performance and recording, from the visual to the aural!

art direction

We pay great attention to every detail to enhance all aspects of the musical performance: from the multi-camera direction to the shooting style, from the choice of locations to the stage set-up, with a focus on the quality of the sound recording!

artwork and Visual

The visual aspect is very important to us! Each episode brings imagery to life both on stage and through original works such as illustrations and posters, animated covers and video projections that tell the story.


a Brodo Studio SRL production


Cristiano Perricone – Film Direction & Editing
Irene Beltrame – Artwork & Animation
Corrado Roccazzella – Production
Jessica Giacomel – Social Strategy
Marco Badini, Luca Moreale – Sound Recording & Mixing
Andrea Musi – DOP

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