An interview with Cristiano Perricone, creative director of Brodo Studio.

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During the recording of the Udinì episode dedicated to Hollyspeef, we interviewed Cristiano Perricone, our Creative Director. The talk offers an in-depth analysis on the dynamics of digital content and Branded Entertainment. Cristiano Perricone lays out the key characteristics of successful digital content, emphasizing the importance of originality, engagement and the ability to engage the target audience. Through some examples, he illustrates how brands can use Branded Entertainment to tell authentic and engaging stories, creating emotional connections with their audience and differentiating themselves from competitors. The interview thus proves to be a valuable opportunity to understand winning strategies in the experiential marketing and digital content landscape. 


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Brodo Studio is an experiential marketing and communications agency based in Udine, Italy. Our mission is to tell every brand in a spectacular and engaging way for the audience. We create multi-channel and on-life strategies that can express themselves simultaneously in the real and digital worlds, resulting in phygital experiences.

We adopt a human centered approach, oriented toward investigating and listening to the needs of audiences, aiming at the growth of brand loyalty through artistic media and non-conventional tools.

We use tools proper to visual design and methodologies from Business Marketing Design, Lightning Decision Jam and Design Sprint that allow us to offer participatory co-design of communication and branding strategies.


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