Udinì presents the exclusive interview with ‘Gregorio Sanchez’


Gregorio Sanchez was born in Bologna, went to school and did not enrol in five-a-side football. At home there are sets, keyboards and sheet music and as a natural consequence he began to dedicate himself to music from an early age. As a teenager, he runs away from the Conservatory, discovers OK Computer, rehearsal rooms, reckless home recording and all that the Emilian scenario of the 00s has to offer, suffering the consequences irreparably.

During university, he moved to Austria, where he grew fond of the mountains and the cold tones of northern European pop: it was during this period that he immersed himself in the arpeggios of Kings of Convenience and the fog of Bon Iver, albeit with a few intervals of frank good humour.

On his return to Italy, there is a record waiting for him, Channel Orange, there is Lucio Dalla and the realisation that he has inexplicably ignored any other form of Italian music for most of his life. So, during a particularly cold winter, he decides to catch up and in the spring finds himself holding his first piece in Italian. Shortly afterwards came the move to Milan, the desire to take home the melancholy and tenderness of loves that end, write songs and build a solo project. 




CRAK Brewery & Taproom


CRAK was born as a sound of breaking with the past, because buying our own plant was a momentous turning point for us. We opened the doors of our brewery in 2015, and since that day we have been doing what our Guerrilla beer urges us to do every day: fight for what we believe in because “anything is possible”, you just have to find the right way to go with the means you have.

Since we are CRAK we let creativity and the need to experiment guide us in the brewery to produce the best beers possible.

Breaking the rules, experimenting without limits and without fear of taking risks, both in the brewery and in the cellar, sharing ideas and insights also with professionals from the world of chocolate, coffee and spirits.



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