interview: The Sleeping Tree

Giulio Frausin, aka The Sleeping Tree, tells his artistic journey to the microphones of Udinì.


The Sleeping Tree (born Giulio Frausin) was born in 1986 in Pordenone.


Former bass player in Mellow Mood, one of the young Italian bands with the broadest international reach, with this project Giulio gives voice to his more intimate musical journey, inspired by fingerpicking and American folk.

The Sleeping Tree debuted in 2008 with an album, titled Leaves and Roots and released by the German netlabel, which quickly totalled more than 25,000 downloads.

In November 2011, after several collaborations with Italian artists such as Abitare and Jambassa, he released a new EP, ‘Stories’, available on the artist’s website.

Shortly afterwards he participated with an unreleased track in the Xmas Compilation of the Italian label Megaphone Records, which in June of the following year released a split on a limited edition audio cassette featuring The Sleeping Tree together with folk singer Jackeyed. The entire run of the release was sold out at the presentation party.

His concerts, simple, honest, exciting, have taken him all over Italy in recent years, even backing international artists such as Kaki King, Of Monsters and Men, Daughter.

With Painless, a full-length album produced by Paolo Baldini (Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Africa Unite, Mellow Mood) and due out in November 2013, he joins the La Tempesta International stable.




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