interview: CECILIA

Cecilia tells about her artistic journey to the microphones of Udinì.


Cecilia grew up on an endless journey between soul and the great Italian classics, accompanied by piano and guitar, experimentation and musical research.

Her first three singles, Monterey, Karma and Baltic, released by Futura Dischi between 2019 and 2020, manage to adapt the Italian language to international sounds, helping to define the emerging national scene of this genre.

Their inclusion on the playlists Anima R&B, Alessio Bertallot Selecta, Nuovo R&B Italia (, Italia (Undamento), Italian Soul Summit (Totally Imported), and New Italian R’n’B (Italia Music Export) demonstrate their affiliation with these genres.

On 25 September 2020, the debut EP ? was released, acclaimed by the Italian music press as one of the most interesting debuts of 2020 and one of the record releases that most marked the year.

In 2021 Cecilia releases the remix of Monterey, signed together with LNDFK, and the unreleased Tè Verde.




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