PRINT & Digital Art

 Udinì Limited Edition Artwork

We believe that music and art represent a great opportunity for brands to spread their company values. This is why we got directly involved, creating a dedicated graphic or visual work for every single episode. 

Here you will find the works realised for the first season of Udinì, which you can purchase both in physical and digital format, as certified crypto-art pieces. For more details, please contact us 🙂

Artist Bio:

Irene Beltrame, born in 1990, has a degree in Design and Arts from the Free University of Bolzano. She is co-founder of Brodo Studio-Experiential Marketing Agency and art director of the format Udinì. 


The phenakistoscope, also known as a phenakistiscope, phenakistiscope, phantasmascope or phantasmascope is an ancient optical instrument for viewing animated images, invented in 1832 by Joseph Plateau. The first part of the term ‘phenakistoscope’ is derived from the Greek root φενακίζειν (phenakizein), which means ‘to deceive’ or ‘cheat’, as the eye is ‘fooled’ as the objects in the drawings appear to move.  

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